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CLBA offers students an overview of the world of pastry and baking. We begin by learning recipe basics, scaling-out ingredients, and simpler baked goods and work our way towards more complex techniques. Throughout the learning process, students are encouraged to ask questions, interact with their baking partners and instructors, and learn to become confident chefs.


CLBA offers you...

  • A space of welcome where women feel comfortable to open-up and find community, while attaining a practical skill, BAKING!

  • An atmosphere of encouragement. Whether our students end-up in the food industry or simply gain a confidence for their new lives here in the USA, we want to support them in finding their inner strength.

  • Support from our community of women within the kitchen.

  • Connections to local businesses, business owners and the community.



At CLBA you will...

  • Learn how to effectively execute a recipe/recipes in English

  • Use Servsafe kitchen practices

  • Practice using commercial kitchen equipment

  • Learn kitchen English and commercial kitchen practices

  • Work collaboratively with a team

  • Actively participate in creating recipes while thinking creatively about how ingredients work together

  • Learn how to build different flavors and textures in baking

  • Gain a general knowledge of the basics of pastry and baking 

"Ever since I was in my home country, I wanted to learn how to bake. When I got here I finally found the opportunity to take classes and it's through C. Love Baking Academy. When I started I was at a beginner level. Each course I made new discovery, [and] today I can say I am at a much higher level / advanced and learned things I did not know before."


-Bertille Missamou, Student, Portland Class of 2021 

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