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" C. Love Baking Academy offers women the skills needed to thrive in a professional pastry kitchen, empowering their confidence through new opportunities. "


Katherine Slevin



The C. Love Baking Academy is not simply a pastry school. We believe in the investment of the individual, and know that none of us can operate alone in this life.


CLBA offers immigrant women a space where they feel welcomed and loved, and are able to attain a practical skill that will serve them for a lifetime.




" To be honest, it’s not only given me skills but it gave me independence. "

Simane Ibrahim

Portland Class of 2021

" When I started I was at a beginner level. Each course I made new discovery, [and] today I can say I am at a much higher level / advanced and learned things I did not know before. "

Bertille Missamou

Portland Class of 2021



" I love baking, it's something inside me. It's like I'm home again. "

Beatriz Jose

Portland Class of 2021

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